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16445Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Re: What does it mean to be "covenanted" in modern day

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  • Jerry
    May 20, 2008

      "Covenanter" today is used by various groups from time to time -- from Theonomists, "the South Shall Rise Again" type Presbyterians, to those convinced the British nations and her descendants ~should~ covenant with God and yet ~are not~ under covenant obligation currently, to those in bodies which formerly held to Covenanter distinctives (such as political dissent from tyrannical usurpers, the continuing obligation of the Covenants, etc) but no longer consistently do as a body, to those who fully hold to the Six Terms of Communion of the old Reformed Presbytery (often mocked as Steelites).  I'm sure I'm missing some.

      I'm glad I can be of some help.  Do keep in touch, ask anything you need to, here or privately.  And like I said before, maybe we can talk about this stuff over a philly cheese or a cup of coffee.


      Jim Polk wrote:


      Thanks. Your answers have been very helpful. The whole "covenanter"
      idea is coming together for me now. You said that there is another
      brand of covenanter. What does this other type of covenanter look like
      (what do they stand for as "covenanters" ) -- and if my reading serves
      me well, it appears that "dissenters" (hope I'm using that word
      correctly) probably wouldn't consider them covenanters at all.

      Thanks for your patience Jerry . . . it's greatly appreciated.

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