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16436Re: [Covenanted Reformation] The May Day Protests

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  • Ic Neltococayotl
    May 2, 2008
      What is the primary responsibility of the Church?

      When Rome occupied Israel, what was the mentality of the Jews of that time?  How did that mentality initially receive Jesus Christ?  How did Jesus Christ react?

      There is a similarity between that time period and ours. 

      If a church (lower case) becomes the agent of ICE, then that church will utterly fail in its primary mission as the Church.

      Remember our true citizenship is in Heaven we are just pilgrims/migrants in this world. 

      The church in the South failed soon after the War of Northern Aggression with the newly liberated blacks and instead of reaching out to them in the mercy of Jesus Christ, they went along with their immediate society and helped to make life very hard for blacks, include assisting lynchings, murder, and allowing members of the KKK to become part of the church of Christ.  Hence the long since divide between black and white churches.  A pathetic commentary on both sides .  Sad.

      And please don't tell me about upholding US law in regards to the border....please...the US Govt is the biggest hypocrite when it comes to this!  Just about every war has been about the US govt violating the sovereign borders of other nations resulting in far, far more death and misery than the current immigration problems the US is experiencing.     By far.

      The church should use this great opportunity to reach out to them with the Gospel, because if the Reformed church does not, others will and the Truth of God will not go forth as it should due to sinful Nationalistic pride instead of pursuing the Royal prerogatives and crown rights of King Jesus.  Humanly speaking, cause if one group keeps its mouth shut God will just raise up another to bring His Truth forth and discipline the one that did nothing to proclaim His Good News.  The Word has examples of this.

      For the cause of Christ over all the Nations,

      Edgar Ibarra
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