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16430How To Spot Trolls

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  • bob_suden
    Apr 10, 2008
      Not with a round paintbrush.

      A number of people have received a series of emails lately from an inhabitant of the land of wooden shoes.
      It is our contention that said individual is a troll.
      The reason for this is very simple.
      From the very start, chief among the criticisms  has been the remark that 'you do not know where in the Book of Revelation you are', which is in relation to the Pope and historicism.
      What seems to be the  non sequitur building upon this knowledge is that since the RPNA(GM) opposes the pope, any criticisms of the court of the RPNA(GM) are treasonous to the covenanter cause.

      Yet one, our zealous pounder of keyboards cannot be bothered to spell out exactly where in the Book of Revelation time frame (he thinks) we are.
      But it sure makes a good stick to beat people with and that's all the really counts in a troll's bent little world.

      Of course, if  this Book of Revelation time frame is  elementary knowledge for true covenanters, that is all the more reason to spell it out. What it is and then its significance.

      But trolls have no time for that. They have more important things to do. Like lurk under bridges peering at the computer screen waiting for the next hapless idiot to pounce on and denounce vociferously. Focusing on failure from the first is the edifying MO. (No one would ever mistake a troll for a shepherd.) And only one thing is important:  The now defunct court of the RPNA(GM) agreed with the Reformation consensus that the Pope is the Antichrist. To the Troll, that is carte blanche for that court to do whatever they please, even discard or ignore jus divinum presbyterianism.  And if you don't think so or are even so bold as to say no thanks, the Troll will certainly let you know about it.
      But of course, our droll and congenial correspondent himself refrained from joining the RPNA(GM) and subjecting himself to the international presbytery/session. Funny how that works. I think it is called professional immunity. But if it works for affidavits, analogies and phony lawyers, why not for trolls?

      Until Bilbo shows up and turns him into stone, Block Sender ought to do the trick for any anti-papist ogres  with papal tendencies and an over heated internet connection. Sad, but a necessary practice until saner and sounder doctrine prevails among those who live under bridges in the land of wooden tennis shoes.

      Yes, I know. Some from the Troll Humanitarian Society (NAAT, SPCT?) will say sarcasm is so unkind, so unChristian.  Consequently  I  close with with a quote or two from Pascal's famous Letter to the Jesuits, who protested his ridicule of them. 

      "And so far from its being impious to laugh at them, St. Augustine holds it to be the effect of divine wisdom: "The wise laugh at the foolish, because they are wise, not after their own wisdom, but after that divine wisdom which shall laugh at the death of the wicked."

      "For, according to St. Augustine, "charity may sometimes oblige us to ridicule the errors of men, that they may be induced to laugh at them in their turn, and renounce them."


      And no, Dennis, regardless of what Pascal was, Augustine was not a papist
      and yes, your behavior really is that ridiculous.

      Thank you,

      cordially in Christ,
      Bob S

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