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16407Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Re: The E-Mail from Holland

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  • Larry Bump
    Apr 3, 2008
      Ic Neltococayotl wrote:
      > Larry,
      > Are not the Netherlands and Holland synonymous? If not, my bad!
      > Then where is Holland if not? I didn't think that was a city...
      > ( =D> I think they are though).

      No; South Holland and North Holland are provinces in the west of the
      nation called The Netherlands (The Low-Lands).

      At one time most of what is the NetherLands (NL from now on) was part of
      the Habsburg empire. Holland was one of the first areas independent
      during the revolt.

      From Wikipedia

      Holland's prominence in the United Provinces and Dutch Republic

      In 1432 Holland became part of the Burgundian Netherlands and since 1477
      of the Habsburg Seventeen Provinces. In the 16th century the region
      became more densely urbanised, with the majority of the population
      living in cities. Within the Burgundian Netherlands, Holland was the
      dominant province in the north; the political influence of Holland
      largely determined the extent of Burgundian dominion in that area.
      Comitatus Hollandiae (1682)
      Comitatus Hollandiae (1682)

      In the Dutch Rebellion against the Habsburgs during the Eighty Years'
      War, the naval forces of the rebels, the Watergeuzen, established their
      first permanent base in 1572 in the town of Brill. In this way, Holland,
      now a sovereign state in a larger Dutch confederation, became the centre
      of the rebellion. It became the the cultural, political and economic
      centre of the United Provinces in the 17th century Dutch Golden Age, the
      wealthiest nation in the world. After the the King of Spain was deposed
      as the count of Holland, the executive and legislative power rested with
      the States of Holland, which was led by a political figure who held the
      office of Grand Pensionary.

      The largest cities in the Dutch Republic were in the province of Holland
      such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Leiden, Alkmaar, The Hague, Delft and
      Haarlem. From the great ports of Holland, Hollandic merchants sailed to
      and from destinations all over Europe, and merchants from all over
      Europe gathered to trade in the warehouses of Amsterdam and other
      trading cities of Holland.

      Many Europeans thought of the United Provinces first as "Holland" rather
      than as the "Republic of the Seven United Provinces of the Netherlands".
      A strong impression of "Holland" was planted in the minds of other
      Europeans, which then was projected back onto the Republic as a whole.
      Within the provinces themselves, a gradual slow process of cultural
      expansion took place, leading to a "Hollandification" of the other
      provinces and a more uniform culture for the whole of the Republic. The
      dialect of urban Holland became the standard language.

      [edit] Kingdom of Holland

      The formation of the Batavian Republic, inspired by the French
      revolution, led to a more centralised government. Holland became a
      province of a unitary state. Its independence was further reduced by an
      administrative reform in 1798, in which its territory was divided into
      several departments called Amstel, Delf, Texel, and part of Schelde en Maas.

      From 1806 to 1810 Napoleon styled his vassal state, governed by his
      brother Louis Napoleon and shortly by the son of Louis, Napoleon Louis
      Bonaparte, as the "Kingdom of Holland". This kingdom encompassed much of
      what would become the modern Netherlands. The name reflects how natural
      at the time it had become to equate Holland with the Netherlands as a

      During the period the Low Countries were annexed by the French Empire
      and actually incorporated into France (from 1810 to 1813), Holland was
      divided into the départements Zuyderzée and Bouches-de-la-Meuse.
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