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16134Important New Project from SGCB from The American Tract Society

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  • Michael Gaydosh
    Nov 20, 2007
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      Dear Brethren,

      Solid Ground Christian Books has announced the launching of a major project we hope to have available in time for Christmas 2007. It is called THE PUBLICATIONS OF THE AMERICAN TRACT SOCIETY, and it contains the first 6 volumes of Tracts published from 1825 - 1840. This is one of the most important projects we have ever undertaken.

      Tracts varied from 4 to 48 pages in length and were written by men such as John Bunyan, Jonathan Edwards, Joseph Alleine, Archibald Alexander, J.W. Alexander, John Flavel, John Witherspoon, John Newton, Robert Hall, James Hervey, Richard Cecil, John Owen, Philip Doddridge, Timothy Dwight, Richard Baxter, Isaac Watts, Legh Richmond, Thomas Goodwin, Gardiner Spring, William Cowper, Edward Payson, Ashbel Green, Andrew Fuller, Benjamin Rush, Cesar Malan and many more.

      Solid Ground Christian Books is seeking to bring these 194 gems back to the 21st century for several reasons:

      1. These tracts were written before the day of decisionism, and thus avoids that terrible error.
      2. These tracts were owned by God in the conversion and sanctification of multitudes the world over.
      3. These tracts were written in a language that can be understood by the common man or woman.
      4. These tracts were written by those of doctrinal and moral integrity with no thought of personal gain.
      5. These tracts are brief enough for use in Family Worship, Personal Devotions, Christian School & Sunday School.

      Our goal is to bring the first six volumes back before Christmas 2007 for use during the coming year. This would be a great gift to purchase for the Church Library, for your pastor and for your own personal or family library.

      Antiquarian Booksellers regularly sell one Tract out of these volumes for $35.00 and more. Some of these volumes are now selling used for $100 - $150 each. We have spent nearly $500 getting copies of these volumes for our project, and we are offering these books for a very low price to help get these uncovered gems back into circulation.

      List Price per 400 page Volume is $30.00;  Pre-Pub Price is just $17.95

      List Price for the Six Volume Set is $175.00;  Pre-Pub Price is just $89.95

      ** http://www.solid-ground-books.com/books_AmericanTractSociety.asp

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