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16127suggestions for dialoguing with an Armenian

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  • nocost2great
    Nov 11, 2007
      For those of you who excel in apologetics - I am dialoguing with a
      pastor who is Armenian through and through.
      Where would you start? I am a bit overwhelmed. Although he says he
      loves Ephesians 1 he also says he doesn't believe in predestination.
      He contends that he believes the entire Bible is the inspired Word
      of God, and yet doesn't believe he is bound to keep the 10
      commandments. So, really he thinks that it is only the New Testament
      that is applicable. He doesn't believe in original sin; believes in
      an age of accountablity (and any act before that magical time
      wouldn't be considered sin but disobedience <ack!>)
      Anybody got an ideas besides run? LOL He seems willing to talk. In
      fact he feels like it is our duty to continue to strive towards
      unity until we achieve it. The idea of 'one church' outside of
      presbyterianism is new to me (besides unitarianism.)
      Based on our conversations I don't think affiliates himself with any
      denomination. He condemns Rome, protestants, and baptists.
      It was an interesting conversation and hard to walk away from. I am
      hoping that we can continue to converse via email and would love
      some input as far as what to address first. He believes baptism
      actually saves you, so maybe that would be the best place to start?
      Or should I start with salvation by grace, not by choice/works?


      By His Grace,

      Dee Dee
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