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16120Re: [Covenanted Reformation] continuous singing

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  • Jasper
    Nov 2, 2007
      Jerry, thank you.  I appreciate your candid answer, which has implications.  Anyone else willing to be helpful?
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      When I'm in public worship, or family worship for that matter, we line out.  The children are able to participate that way, as is my wife who is often holding one or more children in her lap, unable to hold a Psalter. 

      When I sing all by my loneseome, I don't read the line first unless I'm trying to memorize it.

      I've not always been impressed by ~all~ of the sentiments of older RP's on this subject -- understand, I'm not against the practice of lining-out.  It's just that some of the ways things have been stated can make it sound like a regulative principle thing or something.  It's a charity thing is what it is.

      Lining out helps the blind guy, the little kid, the busy mom, participate in the singing.


      Jasper wrote:

      Folks, would you please advise me on whether there is varying or consistent practice among Covenantors today regarding "continuous singing" (not lining out the psalms)?  And, whether practice changes between public and private worship.  I do realize that current practice is not a determinant factor on what the Scriptures teach; but my question is prompted by some writings of some older Covenantors.  Thanks for your help.
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