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  • John Hackler
    Aug 13, 2007
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      Gus Gianello <dr.gus.gianello@...> wrote:
      And I say this politely, you would fit well in a prelatic church.  The same Christ who called apostate Israel a church (Mat 23), excoriated the "ordained teachers"--Pharisee s, scribes and priests as a generation of snakes. 
      Last I checked Christ hasn’t made such a declaration towards the RPNA (GM).  
       I dont need a church court to tell me, that only wicked men excommunicated widows.  Moreover, yours is the attitude that I mostly meet with pious Roman Catholics who cannot be convinced despite sodomizine priests, and persecuting popes, that their church is a whore.
      Of course the same baseless charge can be pointed right back at yourself since we don’t agree on the matter and I can claim you’re just as blind that you don’t see my way.  Btw… Nice touch interjecting pedophile priests into the mix…
      Much stronger language is used by Covenanter writers.  It does not matter what my experience has been, a godly presbyter does not soothe an adulterer and excommunicate a widow. 
      I wasn’t aware that a widow was above being excommunicate or that an adulterer was beyond redemption. I believe even the briefest excursion into God’s word would debunk your personal beliefs on these matters.
       Their works testify against them. 
      In your opinion…
       But, not wishing to rehash the whole tedious situation over again I leave you with this...
      1 Cor 15:33...Evil companionship corrupts good morals.  And my testimony has been that when you hang around unrepentant hypocrites, you start as a friend and end up as another sheep hung out to dry.  THAT I do know from experience.
      Gus Gianello
      The above could apply to whomever, even to those who were excommunicated, right?  … Of course as you stated, “It does not matter what my experience has been.” 
      John Hackler Jr.

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