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  • John Hackler
    Aug 12, 2007
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      Dear Chris,
      I didn't speak to what is or isn't going on in their personal lives, but to your assertion of people basically have multiple spiritual personalities on an very extreme level. If the charges you allege have merit they are about as evil as one can be.

      forisraelssake <c_tylor@...> wrote:
      > Dear Chris,
      > You seem to have created a paradox... You say one can be a decent
      and respectable Christian man in their private character, yet at the
      same time be tyrannical and extremely sinful in another setting.
      Wouldn't it stand to(even biblical) reason that their tyrannical and
      extremely sinful nature/habits would be all but impossible to contain
      in just one realm of their lives? The bible tends to lean towards to
      idea that one apple spoils the bunch, so why does God uphold these men
      in "their private character" yet allows them to be tyrannical and
      extremely sinful in another setting?
      > John

      Dear John

      Perhaps not all is as rosy in their personal and familial lives as you
      believe (I certainly know of grave concerns), and I never said they
      were irreproachable in those spheres, only that there is common (and
      one hopes, special) grace in all three of them and I mentioned good
      points about two of them in particular.

      Yet that doesn't change the fact that they need to be deposed and
      withdrawn from because of their many many sins and offenses committed
      against their flocks in their tenures as rulers over Christians.

      To apply your own argument against you, are all the other elders in
      the world besides these three men really that evil and corrupt as they
      can be? But these three men call them unfaithful church officers
      guilty of serious sins and say they should be withdrawn from. If they
      are so unfaithful we need to separate from them, shouldn't they have
      completely reprobate, debased lives? Doesn't that make sense according
      to your argument? And yet what is the evidence? Aren't many if not
      nearly all Reformed ministers godly and respectable men, many of whom
      exceed the three men of the RPNA (so-called) eldership in personal
      piety and private benevolence?

      Chris T.

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