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  • forisraelssake
    Aug 12, 2007
      > Chris TYlor said, "and I believe they should be censured,
      > deposed from their positions, rejected and avoided because of their
      > scandalous and disorderly rule".
      > Chris
      > This is the problem with these independents; there are no courts of the
      > church higher than their own teleconferences. If they were Presbyterian,
      > there would be a sense of checks and balances. There is no one to
      > Independents though.
      > The only way to get tyrants out of office in their Independents
      model is for
      > the people to vote them out- of course if any of the people had even one
      > question, they would have them sign 'the oath'; thus voting
      themselves out
      > of the visible church.
      > Remember when people questioned Jesus about what the kingdom of God
      was like
      > and he charged them with conspiracy and damned them to hell on the
      > oh wait.... yeah.... he answered there questions.... bad example.
      > Nathan Eshelmn

      Unfortunately Nathan, you're right, due to their mixed up,
      Prelatic/Presbyterian/Brownist system which escapes any checks and
      balances and always gets them off the hook in the event of offense
      because they are judge, jury and executioner. The Independents had the
      defense of putting excommunication in the power of the church and not
      in the elders and not making secondaries terms of communion, but in
      the RPNA it is the worst of all possible situations--no appeal,
      excommunication by the elders for any disagreement on secondary
      matters, a rapidly growing list of court rulings and decisions in
      secondary matters by the elders, and ordination and deposition is
      imagined by the elders and members to be in the power of the three
      elders alone, so that they themselves are their only effective checks.
      That they SHOULD be deposed I am sure of. That they CAN be by any
      method internal to their 'system' that the members themselves would
      accept is a different topic altogether--unfortunately.

      Chris Tylor
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