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15995Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Sure got quiet

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  • Deejay
    Jul 31 3:31 PM
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      I am dipping in and out of (amongst other things) John Flavels'
      practical treatise on fear. That's very good too.

      I'm not sure how to say this well. But, like you mentioned your raging
      Calvinist edge is dying off. I am NOT directing at you personallly, so
      don't misunderstand, you know I think you're one of the good guys.but
      you're saying that just reminded me..but can't help but wonder if that
      happens to lots of folks, because they get caught up in life. They no
      longer have the time for private reading orthings of God or Scripture or
      things of God in general. Life and its riches (or in some cases curses)
      over takes them so that standing up for truth or just putting God first
      in the first fruits of thing.. . becomes less done.. as they may not be
      practically able to give God they once used to, as the time they gave
      Him at one time has been squeezed out in favour of other things of their
      own lives or interests or pursuits. I read something the weekend, even,
      about how even our family should never come before giving God His due..
      this may not be the kind of edifying topic you had in mind. But If you
      look at the lives of the puritans, they often gave God so much in terms
      of time, while meeting their familes needs, and their flocks, it would
      often cost them health at times, because they were so sedentary, in
      writing, reading and their own personal worshipping of God.

      Its the only blessing as I can see in the here and now of my own
      personal affliction. That when life is barren of the good things in
      life.. you will always have time still for God. Not because I'm any
      better than busier folks, but just circumstnaces dictate it.


      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, Jerry
      <ragingcalvinist@...> wrote:
      > Wonder what happened. Oh, yeah.... I remember.
      > Ok, how about some good edifying topics for discussion?
      > I've been going through Thomas Chalmers "Sabbath Scripture Readings,"
      > and I find the devotional nature and the practical godliness held
      > therein to be very refreshing. It seems that as I get older, the rage
      > of this Calvinist (as in the desire for debate) is more and more gone,
      > and the desire for more practical Christianity is growing. Anyone else
      > feel like this? What books do you recommend? Any provocations to
      > godliness to share with us?
      > gmw.
      > Larry Bump wrote:
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      > > around here...
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