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15816RE: [Covenanted Reformation] Re: major versus minor & (ATTENTION COVENANTERS)

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  • Heart Aflame
    Jun 5, 2007

      Hi Willena,


      I agree with what you say in lots of ways, about judging being written into our code in some way.  But, I also think too often, folks fail to remember that when folks hit difficulties or hardships, that there but for the grace of God could be any of them too.  I think lots of folks would do a lot better, if they remembered that, and tried to ponderize or wonder what THEY would do if in similar straits, instead of being judgemental and making a bad situation worse for the person in hardship.  I’m speaking personally here too, so, understand where you are coming from.



      ~Deejayß-who will still judge bowing down to the popish mass and other similar issues!



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      Dear Susan, Deejay and others who responded privately... I want to thank all of you for your love and support. I did not mean I have felt judged by anyone per se (and that includes you, Jerry)... but it seems to be written into our code as covenanters to be judgmental of anyone who does not agree with us... and for some of us it has become an impossible situation. I very much appreciate all of you.


      Susan Wilkinson wrote:

      Dear Willena,


      Tom and I would like to say that we understand that you are in a very difficult circumstance and we do NOT feel harsh judgment of you at all. In fact, I can think of 2 other women in very difficult circumstances with children to consider and no husbands at all. I think that anyone who wants to judge harshly should be ready with an answer for you as to what you ~should~ do. Personally, Tom and I don’t know what you should do nor do we know what we would do in your circumstances. Our hearts go out to you and we pray that the Lord will sustain you and guide you and unite your family in truth.





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