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15797major versus minor was:Clarification on Jerry's response to excommunication and

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  • nocost2great
    May 20, 2007
      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "gmw"
      <ragingcalvinist@...> wrote:
      Dee Dee wrote:
      > > I am still of the
      > > opinion that we should not attend unto teaching that leads to
      Jerry replied:
      > I am (apparently one of the few) who would agree with that

      > Some may take it upon themselves to define biblical doctrines and
      > practices as major or minor. I am not qualified to do so. I know
      > that dividing over the color of the carpet is minor. Everything
      > I defer to the Confession and Larger Catechism as helps.
      > Also, I am very concerned about calling something that faithful
      > Christians were once tortured and slaughtered over as
      being "minor,"
      > even if a couple hundred years have gone by.

      Dee Dee replies:

      Please don't think that I was suggesting that we ditch any of the
      doctrines that delineate us as covenanters! One of my main unspoken
      concerns over the years is that we have not united with others (like
      you) who hold to the exact same terms of communion. Now in
      hindsight, I realize that our terms of communion were never static -
      and always subject to change based on the rulings of the elders. I
      was blind to that for many years! However, I guess one of the things
      that has always bugged me is that it was said we were not united
      because of headcoverings. I see now that it is much more than that.
      So, would headcoverings be 'minor'? Would you worship at a church
      where they practiced the RPW with the same understanding you have,
      and they had the same beliefs as far as government and doctrine, but
      they didn't insist that the women wear dresses only, or they didn't
      dictate that headcoverings be worn... or call all movies and plays
      unlawful, etc. These, to me, are minors. In fact, I have long
      questioned (in my heart) the degree of worldliness that is
      acceptable in the RPNA(GM) but didn't feel it was an issue to
      separate over (although it did cause some problems with my teenagers
      comparing our rules to the rules of others, particularly elder
      I am rethinking the idea that God is going to bring in the millenium
      with a bride that is completely united on all issues so that there
      are no disagreements or compromises. I am not saying that I think
      that we will lower the common denominator so that we can be united,
      but surely we can agree to disagree on *some* things and still
      commune with one another around the Lord's table.

      Standing Strong for the Truth,

      Dee Dee
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