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  • forisraelssake
    May 20, 2007
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      > And to move away from the dead horse (a little bit anyway) would
      > anyone care to discuss occasional hearing? :) I am still of the
      > opinion that we should not attend unto teaching that leads to error.
      > Where do you draw the line? When can charity cover error? We will
      > never be united until we concede that some of the minor issues
      > aren't worth being divided over. But the biggest problem is
      > defining 'minor'. What are major issues versus minor... and why?

      Since "the purest churches under heaven are subject both to mixture
      and error", because of the incompleteness of our sanctification and
      imperfection in our knowledge, therefore it is necessary that there
      will be error in even the purest churches you find. So as to the
      general rule it can't be its mere presence that is grounds for
      withdrawal and disfellowshipping. I think you have to get back into
      the old distinction between true and false churches (cf. Scottish
      Confession of Faith ch. 18; Belgic Confession of Faith article 29) to
      demarcate the line between communion and withdrawal.

      > Just as a note - I generally don't check the emails on this group
      > until the Lord's day. It is my 'fellowship'. Our baby will probably
      > come sometime this week, so it may be a couple of weeks before I get
      > a chance to read your replies unless I move the computer downstairs
      > which is a distinct possibility! :)
      > Standing for the Truth,
      > Dee Dee

      I pray everything goes well Dee Dee with your labor. :)

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