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15763Re: [Covenanted Reformation] More writings from Stan B.

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  • Willena Flewelling
    Apr 30, 2007
      Dear Katrina,

      >>> John Schumacher's case of telling one Elder Lyndon Dohms on the
      Phone that he thought the RPNA no longer had a Church Structure in 2005)
      John was excommunicated without any personal contact from the other two
      Elders Rev. Greg Price and Greg Barrow... I do not think any of the
      Societies knew that John was facing excommunication for declaring that
      he could no longer recognize the RPNA as a Church. I do not think any
      of the members contacted John to try to persuade him to recognize the
      former RPNA as a Church, to change his discison to attend a local CRC
      church.....John had to drive almost 2 hours to attend the PRCE at
      Edmonton, which he faithfully did for eight years. <<<

      Considering this happened nearly two years ago before many of us had our
      eyes opened... and that we were never told the real reason why John
      left, but only that he had resigned his membership and refused to hear
      the elders' counsel on it... why would we try to persuade him otherwise?

      You are right. Even we in the Edmonton society did not know this. I
      stand guilty of blindness to the elders' faults because of my implicit
      faith in them. I am sorry now that I did not see the real state of
      things a lot sooner, and that some, like you and John, had to stand very
      much alone in your battle, with all of us thinking you were obstinately
      in the wrong.

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