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15623Re: Taking discussion with Walt off list for the edification of others...

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  • hard_core_calvinist
    Apr 8, 2007
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      This is an EXCELLENT subject if I may say so. And one I am keenly interested in learning more about too. I only just a very short while ago brought up a simialr subject for discussion at my own group ,  though you phrased it a lot better.  But its something I think we need to look at and address.


      > What is it that we would commend in the reformed church of today?
      > What is that we would say needs working on or reformation? I would desire
      > that I as well as anyone else be forebearing in our criticisms of others but
      > just would like to see what others would say in regard to either their own
      > denomination or church or that of the reformed church in its different
      > expressions in general. I am now of course left without any sort of church
      > affiliation aside from my brethren here locally in Albany, NY as well as
      > those that are scattered here and there. I would greatly appreciate any
      > thoughts put on this matter.
      > I will give an example of my thoughts on the question put out there.
      > Commendation:
      > I believe the more conservative reformed denominations in general pride
      > themselves on keeping and preserving the gospel of Christ. I am so glad that
      > most of the conservatives in the reformed denominations have labored to keep
      > intact as a whole the redeeming work of Christ received and applied by faith
      > alone as a key focal point. This is a see as a great thing and thank God for
      > the exhibiting of such a labor in proclaiming the free grace of God offered
      > to me a sinner in the gospel.
      > Criticism:
      > I believe majority of conservative reformed denominations have lost sight of
      > what the reformed and presbyterian
      > church once was historically, whether we look at the 1st or
      > 2nd reformation. We (I having been a part of the problem and not the
      > solution) have changed the landmarks our fathers have set, whether we are
      > speaking of exclusive psalmody, the establishment principle, the Sabbath day
      > and being against so called holy-days or the piety once exhibited by our
      > reformed forebears that matched their doctrine.
      > Those are a few of my thoughts on things.
      > Your brother in Christ,
      > Tony
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