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15613Taking discussion with Walt off list for the edification of others...

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  • Tony
    Apr 8, 2007
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      I will be looking to take the questions raised by Walt to me off list for the edification of others. I would also like to suggest a new subject matter as I am interested in hearing the thoughts of my brethren. It is the following:
      What is it that we would commend in the reformed church of today?
      What is that we would say needs working on or reformation? I would desire that I as well as anyone else be forebearing in our criticisms of others but just would like to see what others would say in regard to either their own denomination or church or that of the reformed church in its different expressions in general. I am now of course left without any sort of church affiliation aside from my brethren here locally in Albany, NY as well as those that are scattered here and there. I would greatly appreciate any thoughts put on this matter.
      I will give an example of my thoughts on the question put out there.
      I believe the more conservative reformed denominations in general pride themselves on keeping and preserving the gospel of Christ. I am so glad that most of the conservatives in the reformed denominations have labored to keep intact as a whole the redeeming work of Christ received and applied by faith alone as a key focal point. This is a see as a great thing and thank God for the exhibiting of such a labor in proclaiming the free grace of God offered to me a sinner in the gospel.
      I believe majority of conservative reformed denominations have lost sight of what the reformed and presbyterian
      church once was historically, whether we look at the 1st or 2nd reformation.  We (I having been a part of the problem and not the solution) have changed the landmarks our fathers have set, whether we are speaking of exclusive psalmody, the establishment principle, the Sabbath day and being against so called holy-days or the piety once exhibited by our reformed forebears that matched their doctrine.
      Those are a few of my thoughts on things.
      Your brother in Christ,



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