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15561Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Some background

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  • Walt Bre
    Apr 7, 2007

      Fortunately you are not presbyterian as you would be
      following the detailed analysis outlined by the Elders
      in the attachment I posted yesterday.

      Clearly, there are distinctions very carefully
      outlined in the documents which you obviously have
      overlooked as to why a trial was not held and why
      Presbyterianism allows for a serious public Scandel,
      where the accused fails to appear in court for
      whatever reason (in this case because the accused
      rejected they were members and rejected the court was

      If you want to have a trial where the accused never
      shows up for the trial, then show me in Scripture or
      Presbyterian government where this is mandated. It is
      very clear from the subordinate documents referenced
      in the Session Response on November 4 that you idea of
      holding a trial where nobody shows up is foolish and

      May I assume you are a baptist or independent and not
      familiar with the subordinate standards referenced in
      the Elders Response on November 4? If so, I wish not
      to offend you, but there are some detailed references
      in Presbyterian historical standards on
      excommunication process when the accussed fails to
      appear, and yet publically protests to create as much
      scandal and division as possible before they leave the

      Perhaps you will want to read the standards for your
      own research before making comments as the issue was
      dealt with by the Elders. You are not the first one
      to make the claims below.

      Is it true that you are a Pastor? What denomination?

      I fully agree with this point you made, "Brothers and
      sister, hold a focus on the real issues, and stand
      fast for truth and right." Amen brother!


      --- Larry Bump <lbump@...> wrote:

      > Walt Bre wrote:
      > >
      > > Unfortunately, to be fair to the Elders, many of
      > us
      > > did not know (including the Elders), that the
      > secret
      > > society (my words) was started around July 10,
      > 2006.
      > I have stayed out of this, though it has been
      > difficult. But I must
      > interject a simple, yet important point here:
      > That's why the elders were supposed to **HOLD A
      > TRIAL**. To discover
      > and establish facts, both condemnatory and
      > exculpatory.
      > Failing to do so proves their unfitness and
      > arrogance.
      > Christ commanded a process, and to toss it over
      > one's shoulder because
      > "I know best" is serious, disqualifying sin for an
      > elder.
      > Brothers and sister, hold a focus on the real
      > issues, and stand fast for
      > truth and right. Above all, be content to say, as
      > many saints have in
      > the past, "May God judge between thee and me".
      > Larry

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