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  • humbled.learner
    Mar 4, 2007
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      "f. God takes pleasure in our ways when we are thankful to the Lord
      for His many gracious benefits to us (turn with me to Psalm 69:30-31).
      Our discontentment, envy, covetousness, anger over God's providence,
      murmuring against our lot in life, and even our mere forgetfulness of
      His many benefits leave us with an unthankful heart wherein we walk in
      the paths of Israel as they wandered in the wilderness complaining
      against God's provision for them and murmuring against God's leaders
      He had set over them. In so doing, they despised the blessings of
      God's salvation in their deliverance from Pharaoh. Dear ones, there
      is not a more pleasing sacrifice to the Lord than that of thankful
      lips. Thankful speech reveals a trusting and dependent heart.
      Thankful words reveal a humble heart. It is easy to be thankful when
      everything is going well. However, the grace of thankfulness is tried
      in the fire seven times over when we are afflicted, impoverished,
      abandoned, burdened, mocked, hated, and called names. Let us consider
      the words of thankfulness found in the dire circumstances of Habakkuk

      g. Remember God does not rejoice in our ways because they are
      perfect (for indeed they are not), but because they are wrought in the
      name of Christ Jesus and to the glory of Christ who is perfect."

      Taken in part of a 5 page sermon entitled:

      How To Bring Our Enemies To Peace
      Proverbs 16:7
      Covenanted Reformed Presbyterian Church, Albany, NY
      February 18, 2007
      Rev. Greg L. Price