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15421Two Outstanding Books on Calvin as a Young Man for both Young and Old

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  • Michael Gaydosh
    Feb 22, 2007
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      Two Outstanding Books on Calvin as a Young Man for both Young and Old

      Solid Ground Christian Books is delighted to announce that we are very close to reprinting two small volumes on The Life of John Calvin as a Young Man.
      THE COLLEGE DAYS OF CALVIN: His Study of Law and Theology at Orleans, Bourges and Paris
      William M. Blackburn with Biographical Introduction by Dr. Joel Beeke

      "I know of no other books on Calvin that so easily stir the interest of the average reader as do these two works by William M. Blackburn, now happily being reprinted by Solid Ground Christian Books." - Dr. Joel R. Beeke

      In the Preface to this excellent volume: "The design of this little volume is to set forth the facts in the early life of John Calvin, in a manner that may interest the youth of Sabbath-schools and Bible classes. If imagination has lent a very slight tinge to a few passages, it has been permitted simply to give life to reality, and vividness to facts. There is no departure from the events and experiences in the student-life of the immortal reformer. The facts are presented substantially as they are given by his biographers, particularly, Dr. D'Aubigne, in his 'History of the Reformation in the Time of Calvin.'"

      "The author is persuaded that the youth of our times need to study more attentively the history of Protestantism and the lives of the Reformers, as one means of guarding them against the many great evils that are threatening the true Church of Christ. If this unpretending volume shall contribute to this end, he will hope, that certain broken hours of recreation from severer studies for the pulpit, and from the pressing duties of a pleasant pastorate, have been well employed in the service of the Divine Master, to whom an account must be rendered for all time and for every talent."
      YOUNG CALVIN IN PARIS: And the Little Flock that he Fed
      William M. Blackburn

      This is the powerful sequel to "The College Days of Calvin." The author, William M. Blackburn, sought to exhibit young Calvin in Paris, as a modest and devout man, performing the work of a city missionary, unhindered by his natural diffidence, and unterrified by the threatening fires of persecution flaming around him. Although written with an eye to young people, to set forth the facts in the early life of John Calvin, in a manner that would interest and inform them, it has a beautiful simplicity that makes it riveting reading for those of any age.
      List Price $14.99 each
      Purchase both for just $16.50
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