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15348Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Why do people deny this??

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  • John and Holly Putz
    Dec 12, 2006
      I think the reason Arabs in particular deny the Holocaust because the Holocaust played an important role in justifying the creation of the modern state of Israel in 1948. If the Holocaust didn't happen, then the state of Israel had no right to exist (or it had less of a right to exist).  This is why the anti-Holocaust folk tend to be anti-Zionist folk, too (whether they are Arabs or not).  Notice, Iran's president announced--at the end of the conference denying the Holocaust--that Israel was soon going to be "wiped off the map".  That wasn't a non sequitur in their minds.  No Holocaust, no Israel on the map.  Period.  If you don't want Israel on the map, you have good reason to find a way to deny the Holocaust.

      Either way, it is stupid and wicked.


      On 12/12/06, Deejay <crazy_calvinist@... > wrote:

      I think it goes back to what Isa says. About calling good evil and evil
      good. As history always remebers the villains more kindly than they
      should be, and the heroes are misrepresented and maligned. Its why
      folks like John Knox and John Calvin are rememberd with the bias against
      them, and falsely portrayed, by many historians and the puritans
      portrayed often as "mad fanatics" but folks like Hitler are excused or

      That's my two bob's worth on stuff like this, for what its worth.


      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, Larry Bump <lbump@...>
      > Ic Neltococayotl wrote:
      > > So there is a conference going on in Iran that denies the Holocaust
      > >
      > and
      > > it appears that many around the world also deny the extent of the
      > >
      > > I hear some conspiracy theorists also deny it.
      > >
      > > So what is up wih that?
      > I never could see what the benefit for denying this would be. It's not
      > like Hitler would be OK if it were only 2 million Jews, or even a half
      > million, right?

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