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15311[Covenanted Reformation] Re: Welcome, wayward Covenanters....

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  • Walt
    Nov 29, 2006

      I could not help but to read through your posts and share with you how
      frustrating it can be alone and away from other covenanter fellowship.
      Fortunately, many, if not all, on this site who claim some level of
      covenanter distinctives have local churches to attend, and have built
      a strong friendship with their local congregation. They get to visit
      their Pastors each week and enjoy time with their Elders face-to-face.
      It is sad that those of us in the wilderness do not have the same
      sort of ordinary Pastoral love and care that our covenanter brothers
      and sisters have at present, but do not be discouraged. Although we
      have not been blessed with a large following as others, and perhaps
      may end up with even fewer as our brothers and sisters leave for other
      more profitable congregations and more (in their eyes) faithful
      Ministers and Elders, I would encourage you to weather out this storm
      before you jump ship if things get more stormy. Yes, I admit if we
      look around at our brothers on this site and others who are
      covenanters, they have things much better in the eyes and minds of
      many on this site. Clearly, at every turn, we seem to make the
      largest and most public mistakes out of all the covenanter churches
      out there, and our three Elders have always been considered the most
      unfaithful and tyrannical (as the new saying spreads across the web)
      than others. I remember the storm over headcoverings...I just wanted
      to bury my head below the pillow and let it pass. Some of the things
      I read made me think we were like the most evil covenanter
      Presbyterians that came along, and there are other things that I'm
      sure you hear day in and day out. At this pace, I suspect we will
      have enough members for a couple local sessions in, maybe, perhaps,
      the next 10,000 years. I do hope it comes sooner, but it sure looks
      pretty stormy right now, and from discussions I've had with one of the
      Elders today, listening to both sides of the story on key questions I
      have in my own research, I suspect few will want to remain members in
      the RPNA(GM) as it is my opinion that people have made up their minds.
      If I can call you, and share my thoughts along side of your other
      friends who you speak about below, would you email me as I cannot find
      your email in the list that was previously used on our site.
      Unfortunately, I don't have your number either, otherwise I would call
      you today to chat. I share with you all the things above hoping that
      you will email me privately so we can chat before your frustration
      level rises further, and perhaps I can share with you my thoughts and
      arguments in favor of the Elders and their decisions. I have some
      ideas from studying the many documents, and detailing out the issues,
      so that maybe it will be helpful to you as well. I believe it would
      be worth a shot. Let me know if you are interested. Please give me a
      chance if you don't mind.

      May the Lord be with you.

      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, Willena Flewelling
      <wrose@...> wrote:
      > Hi Katrina,
      > >>> I thought of your **Willena** comments of not
      > being ministered to for the last seven months...and wondered what
      > really caused that? Why Willena did that happen? Was it just you that
      > went throught that or are there others having this experience? <<<
      > To tell you the truth, I don't know why. I hate going by perceptions or
      > speculation alone, because I know how easy it is to come to the wrong
      > conclusions that way. But as I have nothing else to go on, it
      appears to
      > me it's because they know I am good friends with some who are now
      > excommunicated or who have spoken publicly against things the elders
      > have done in the past year.
      > Willena
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