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  • Ic Neltococayotl
    Nov 6, 2006
      Dear Susan,

      Thank you for such a beautiful letter/post. May the Lord guide His
      people as He did in 1690 when the people were abandoned by the three

      Holding fast the original 6 terms of communion,

      Edgar Ibarra

      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "susanandcrew"
      <gpyp@...> wrote:
      > Willena,
      > I am so glad to see you post. I was just asking about you yesterday.
      > I know that this whole thing has been particularly costly for you and
      > I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry and that I'm praying for you and
      > your family.
      > I do hope that you and Cheryl and those who have yet to speak will
      > still stick around here. In many ways we have more in common now than
      > ever before; we are all Covenanters with (now) the same SIX terms of
      > communion; we have all been through a crisis with our leadership that
      > is causing us to examine ourselves and our beliefs in light of that
      > crisis; we all desire to throw off tyranny while still submitting
      > ourselves to the Truth despite great struggles and a want of pastors;
      > we all have to suffer some form of isolation and deal with all of the
      > practical concerns and trials that brings. I think we can be a great
      > encouragement to each other!
      > You know, Jerry began this group in part with hopes of bringing more
      > unity between the two Covenanter groups. I think the group has done
      > that to some degree already, but it may be now that we begin to
      > really reap the benefits of having some connection through these last
      > several years. Interesting that this all comes right after Jerry asks
      > if his group has died!
      > How ironic that each of us comes to this place of greater commonality
      > without the leaders we once had. Perhaps in our cases (sadly) that's
      > exactly what we needed to find unity. Without others telling us that
      > there are more than six terms of communion (implicit terms, but terms
      > nonetheless) those things that at one time seemed so significant--
      > headcoverings (or not), make-up (or not), skirts (or not), etc.
      > suddenly feel a lot less divisive to me.
      > That's a nice feeling.
      > Sad, but hopeful,
      > Susan
      > --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, Willena Flewelling
      > wrose@ wrote:
      > >
      > > Jerry, you are sweet, and I love you!
      > >
      > > I have not been delivered unto Satan yet, but only because I don't
      > speak
      > > up unless confronted directly. As one who has not been spoken to AT
      > ALL
      > > for the past seven months, by the two elders who lead worship in
      > > Edmonton, I suspect it won't be long. They know who my friends are.
      > >
      > > I will always be a covenanter, but am scrambling at the moment,
      > > wondering exactly what it means to be one.
      > >
      > > Willena
      > >
      > > ********************************
      > > To those Covenanters who sadly find themselves recently "delivered
      > > unto Satan," for their not being able in good conscience to swear
      > > themselves to what they believe to be tyranny...
      > >
      > > YOU ARE WELCOME HERE, as far as I'm concerned.
      > >
      > > I'm saddened and angered to hear of all this horrible mess, and I
      > > don't want any of you to take my "silence" to be an approval of the
      > > lawfulness of these actions.
      > >
      > > God bless you and keep you, through these troublous times.
      > >
      > > gmw.
      > >
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