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15196Re: Healing Prayer

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  • wilson_jabez
    Aug 29 8:17 PM
      Thank you for your response. I really appreciate it. I guess I
      should tell you how I came to this group. My family is traditionally
      of the Friends Church (Quaker), but on moving to a different town
      many years ago , we gravitated to the Methodist Church. Over the
      years I have developed a Calvinist leaning and a fondness for Puritan
      teachings. There is no Reformed Church here ,and I dearly love this
      congregation, so I and will remain. My personal path to the Lord has
      been a long and bumpy one. I have at times, turned my back on God,
      and been angry with Him. I guess we have all lost loved ones that we
      have prayed for. Years ago I was in a situation much like I am now. I
      was praying for my uncle and he lost his battle. I remember being
      very angry and bitter. I resolved that I would be obedient, but would
      never ask the Lord for anything ever again. Looking back I hardly
      know that person now. I know now that no matter what the outcome of
      my present situation, I will always be thankfull for the saving grace
      of my Lord , always be mindful of and sorry for my uncountable,
      horrific sins ,and yes I will always pray and ask of my Lord.Thank
      you for your prayers. It is strange how things work out of hardship.
      After many years, my parents have returned to church. I see now that
      blessings come from prayer, even if they are not exactly what I have
      asked for. What a wonderous God we have.

      Ken R.
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