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15195Pre-order Offer: Synod of Dordt Poster

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  • Andrew Moody
    Sep 11, 2006
      I am happy to announce that after 4 years of searching, I recently
      obtained a rare engraving of the Synod of Dodrecht which took place
      in the Netherlands from 1618-1619. It was at this historic synod
      that what we now refer to as the five points of Calvinism were set
      forth as a response to Jacob Arminius and the Remonstrants.

      This engraving shows all those present at the Synod and includes a
      registry of the commissioners which includes their name, title, and
      the district they came from on either side of the image in Dutch.

      Because of the quality and clarity of this engraving, I am going to
      have a limited run of poster-sized prints made at an impresive
      20"X30". In order to do so, I will need to have 60 pre-order
      commitments to purchase one of these posters at $25 (plus shipping).
      If you order 10 or more, there is a volume discounted price of $15
      per poster.

      Please forward this email to anyone who might be interested in this
      unique opportunity. These prints are not available anywhere else,
      and this will be a limited run of prints. You will not be charged
      until your poster is ready to be shipped. Please email me at
      prints@... to indicate your interest in ordering.

      You can view a sample of the engraving at

      In addition, if you have not already done so, please visit our new
      page: www.FrancisMakemie.com which celebrates the founder of
      American Presbyterianism.

      Grace and Peace,

      Andrew Moody
      Reformation Art