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  • Tiberius
    Aug 9, 2006
      Greetings. My name is Tom.  New to the group. I've read many of the most recent post to this group and am very impressed.
       A bit about myself. I'm 42.  For most of my life, I was, unfortunately, an atheist. I even drifted into the occult for a few years in the 90's. Through the help of some wonderful friends, both in person and via the Internet, I was able to re-discover the love of Jesus Christ again.
      In January of 2006, I made a New Years resolution to give up my ignorant liberal/atheist ways and beliefs and to give myself completely and totally to God and the path of Jesus Christ.
      The first thing I did was to take all of my music CD's (mostly rock & roll), all of my DVD movies, all of my science books, plus anything else in my home that was unGodly. I gathered them all up in a garbage bag and took them to a friend's farm where I happily burned them all to a pile of ashes. I also poured any kind of alcohol down the drain.  I canceled my cable also, so I no longer watch TV anymore.  I sure don't miss it either, because I'm completely addicted to K-LOVE and BOTT Radio Network.
      I devote most of my time my church.  I attend all church services, plus all Bible classes offered during the week.
      I have also become extremely interested in some Christian web sites that are devoted to restoring America to the Christian Nation it was intended to be. Organizations like the Center for Reclaiming America, The Constitution Party, The Amy Foundation, The Chalcedon Foundation, Christian Coalition, Focus on the Family, and a list to long to name. 
      I'd love to see America return to it's Biblical morals and ethics and become a 100% Christian Nation again. Seeing all Ten Commandments become law would be a nice start.
      I'm honored to be a member of your group.
      Thank you and
      God bless,
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