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14952Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Immigration, Islam & Freedom Addressed from God's Word

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  • Fred blahous
    Jul 5, 2006
      G'day Parnell,

      I don't believe the mere presence of Jews is a problem. If they are
      given permanent residency, required to attend upon conversionist
      sermons once a week, and prohibitions against anyone borrowing or
      loaning money at interest are established, there should be no
      problems. The trouble is that countries have given them citizenship
      without required religious tests, enabling them to exercise civil
      and ecclesiastical office whilst still professing the Jewish
      religion, and given them a vote. Plus countries do not observe the
      old Cannons prohibiting such offices to the third generation of
      converted Jews. The laws allowing for moral reform groups have also
      contributed to the current problems.

      I understand that some Jews are hostile to Christianity and/or
      religion, but it is not universally true. If we simply send them all
      to Israel, we remove any opportunities for them to hear the gospel,
      and endanger the prospects for a peace settlement that would
      recognise the rights and boarders of both Israel and Palestine.
      Also, some Jews consider the existence of a Jewish state in
      Palestine to be heresy in a state of exile. Shouldn't they be
      permitted to dwell amongst us? The Presbyterians and Anglicans were
      more opposed to a commoner setting aside an act of King Edward
      (statute of Jewry), than with maintaining the act itself. Some felt
      that a return of the exiles would be good in itself, as regards
      extending the kingdom of Heaven to the Jews.

      All the best,

      PS: For the benefit of other readers, I should point out that the
      3rd Generation prohibition was not based on anti-Semetic bigotry,
      but was a response to the "Kol Nidre", a Jewish law which allowed
      for perjury to advance Judaization of kirk and kingdom by
      disregarding vows and oaths made under a feigned conversion. This
      was part of the motivation for Ferdinand and Isabella's expulsion

      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "Parnell McCarter"
      <jparnellm@...> wrote:
      > The damage done by Judaists is not as obvious as that done by
      Muslims, but it is very real. Here in the USA, for example,
      Judaists have been a major part of such groups as the ACLU, which
      fought for abortion "rights", pro-evolutionary teaching in public
      schools, etc. (You know, it was Cromwell who first let Judaists
      immigrate into Britain, against the opposition of most Presbyterians
      and Anglicans alike.)
      > I think the best temporary solution is to let Judaists and Muslims
      alike have their own homelands. Let's see how the different
      religions fare in running nations. The Middle Eastern nations give
      us a good guage of how these religions work. Sadly, though, there
      is no true reformed Christian nation in the world to show the world
      how it fares. But we can see how they fare historically (Calvin's
      Geneva, Puritan New England, Knox's Scotland, etc.). One major
      opponent of such a reformed Christian nation would be the USA (as
      well as most of the western nations) though. They want secular
      humanist nations.
      > - Parnell McCarter
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