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14881Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Immigration, Islam & Freedom Addressed from God's Word

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  • Parnell McCarter
    Jul 4, 2006
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      The damage done by Judaists is not as obvious as that done by Muslims, but it is very real.  Here in the USA, for example, Judaists have been a major part of such groups as the ACLU, which fought for abortion "rights", pro-evolutionary teaching in public schools, etc.  (You know, it was Cromwell who first let Judaists immigrate into Britain, against the opposition of most Presbyterians and Anglicans alike.) 
      I think the best temporary solution is to let Judaists and Muslims alike have their own homelands.  Let's see how the different religions fare in running nations.  The Middle Eastern nations give us a good guage of how these religions work.  Sadly, though, there is no true reformed Christian nation in the world to show the world how it fares.  But we can see how they fare historically (Calvin's Geneva, Puritan New England, Knox's Scotland, etc.).  One major opponent of such a reformed Christian nation would be the USA (as well as most of the western nations) though.  They want secular humanist nations.
      - Parnell McCarter
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