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  • Fred blahous
    Jul 4, 2006
      I understood James to have been going by a mistaken understanding of
      Jerry's beliefs.

      As regards compulsory attendence, the entire history of Israel shows
      the necessity of it. This is what is meant by a Christian Kingdom,
      is it not?

      All the best,

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      > From: "Fred blahous" <fritzbau@...>
      > ___snip a lot of typing___
      > > Of the first two groups of believers, who do you think was
      > > Incidentally, Jerry doesn't call for the execution of non-
      > Then I wasn't referring to Jerry, was I? The initial proposition
      was a
      > person that calls for the execution or deportation of people for
      the crime
      > of private unbelief. That person would be "beyond the fringe",
      nicht wahr?
      > That's all I was saying; hat this theoretical person would not be
      > the position of theonomists in general, nor the position of the
      > I also don't think that the person refered to in the initial post
      was Jerry,
      > but I might have misunderstood.
      > > Only individuals who obstinantly maintain worship rites and
      > > pamphlets contrary to God's own religiion who cannot be
      reclaimed in
      > > any other way.
      > That is also the position I stated earlier, so again, no arguments
      form me.
      > > I am assuming he would also support compulsory
      > > attendence laws to go with national establishment of
      > > Presbyterry. "How will they hear unless they have a preacher?",
      > > after all.
      > I can see the seeming logic of this, but no Scriptural warrant or
      > Larry
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