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14872Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Immigration, Islam & Freedom Addressed from God's Word

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  • Fred blahous
    Jul 3 10:56 PM
      G'day Parnell,

      Immigration is one of those hot-button issues for me. As you are
      probably aware, last year we had Muslims terorising beach goers in
      NSW, and when the locals had had enough of it, they finally took
      matters into their own hands. This resulted in police attacking
      their own kinsmen to "defend" gangs of immigrant thugs, and the
      usual media whinning about how ashamed they are of their country.
      (Unfortunately, they don't back up their statements by leaving :c).
      It is amazing that these same gangs and their clerics always accuse
      Jews of creating a "hostile environment". We have had Jews from the
      start, and not one of them has ever harrassed or raped anyone.
      Muslims come over, and we get nothing but constant trouble from day
      one. I may not like the occupation of Palestinian Territories, but I
      would rather live next door to a full-fledged AIPAC member than a
      Leb Hizbollah member.

      All the best,

      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "Parnell McCarter"
      <jparnellm@...> wrote:
      > The book referenced is by a Baptist. It was the Baptist anti-
      Establishment Principle position which was responsible in no small
      measure for getting us in our current mess with immigration.
      Baptists have long argued that the State should not enforce the
      first table of the Ten Commandments on the basis of their doctrine
      of "soul liberty". This false doctrine opens the door for all sorts
      of false religionists to take power and to come in.
      > As a former Baptist myself, I would recommend we look to other
      than Baptists for solutions on such issues as immigration of Muslims.
      > - Parnell McCarter
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