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14620Re: [Covenanted Reformation] REF Church

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  • Deejay
    May 23, 2006
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      Isn't the difference between churches, such as you state below, is that some claim to subscribe to the Westminster Standards, when in actual fact they don't in their entirety?    That's a question not a statement, but is how much of it seems to me.  But if so,  I think since one of the purposes of the Westminster standards was to keep unity,  it rather speaks for itself in some ways.


      Glenn Ferrell wrote:
      If you were traveling though Boise and visited our OP congregation, you'd hear consecutive expositional preaching; meet elders who hold the Westminster Standards, visit the flock and do not hesitate to administer biblical censure; and observe the sacraments (with real wine in communion).  There would be no mention of 'holy days,' no choirs or special music.  Psalms are sung abundantly but not (yet) exclusively.  You wouldn't be expected to join in the singing of non-Psalms, as certain members don't, or be ridiculed for your non-participation.  You'd meet warm fellow believers who'd invite you home for a Lord's Day meal, fellowship and discussion of the Word.  Would worship and fellowship with us be of less benefit than private worship in your hotel room?

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