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14372Victoria Osteen Flash Film

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  • Rand Winburn
    Mar 3, 2006
      Protestant Reformation Publications
      Dear Fellow Internet Enthusiasts:
      It was but a few short months ago that an unlikely, but telling incident occurred on Continental Airlines in Houston. The fabulously famous and fatuous Victoria Osteen was kicked off the airplane. Joel and the children followed suit. The cause? Failure to follow reasonable protocol, putting the plane and its occupants at potential risk. Victoria insisted leaving the flight was her idea. The FBI's version does not agree.
      You judge for yourself............Was Victoria unjustly accused of malicious behavior......persecuted for her pure Christian beliefs? Or was she treated in a non-prejudicial manner simply because she was a woman out of control?
      Click on the link below, then click on the link, INDEX and scroll down to film link.
      Rand Winburn
      James Grippe