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14302[Covenanted Reformation] Re: Covenanter Groups

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  • Edgar A. Ibarra Jr.
    Jan 11, 2006
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      Ok, so you know when you are trying to remember something really hard, and it is on the tip of your tongue but JUST can't remember!!! URGH!!!

      So you walk away from the situation and are busy doing something else and BONG!!!! you rememeber!!! 

      Ok, that just happened to me.

      It was Puritan Evangelical Church of America, founded and pastored by Rev. Wallace Bell.  A congregation formerly of the OPC.  Their main doctrinal distinctives were/are Exclusive Psalmody w/o instruments AND they denied the doctrine of the Free Offer of the Gospel and denied Common grace.  What some call Hyper-Calvinists?  They also axed out all holy-days.  Being new to FOG and common grace, I was ignorant of what all that entailed  --back then, not now.  They also mandated that their leadership and aspiring leaders do open air "preaching" at the beach and be fire and brimstone.  One thing, if I recall, was they were not convinced of Head-Coverings, and I believe this was one thing that kept them from joining Richard Bacon's newly formed denomination.

      When DiLella arrived, I remember Richard Bacon telling me that he would be the end of that little church.  When DiLella did leave and I found this out, I sent a letter (when I was in San Francisco, CA) to the session of Puritan Evangelical Church asking them to remove me from their tape ministry mailing list and proceeded to advise them that they were unjustly persecuting a Covenanter minster (as I recognized him) and that they were joining the ranks of those persecuting parties that did the same in times past against faithful Covenanted ministers.

        When I did eventually join the PRCE (pre-RPNA), I heard that DiLella was still in Southern California and was contacting fellow brethren that were adherents of the PRCE.   I then arranged an e-mail conversation between Pastor Greg Price and Pastor Fred DiLella to try and work out their differences.  The brethren of the Southern California and I were cc'ed into the e-mail conversations.  As I recall, (my record of the e-mails are on an old computer which I don't know if it still works), Rev. DiLella would not readily engage Pastor Price and address the issues being raised by Pastor Price and Rev. DiLella did not desire to continue the conversations soon after.

      Hope that helps, maybe more than you all wanted to know??


      Edgar Ibarra


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