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  • gmw
    Jan 9, 2006
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      Not my favorite subject, but....

      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "nodelink7"
      <gjgriff@y...> wrote:

      > OK, Sean. I think you're asking about what's the difference among the
      > people behind:
      > -covenanter.org

      That would be ~person~... the PERSON behind covenanter.org.

      1 The wicked man's transgression
      within my heart thus says,
      Undoubtedly the fear of God
      is not before his eyes.

      2 Because himself he flattereth
      in his own blinded eye,
      Until the hatefulness be found
      of his iniquity.

      3 Words from his mouth proceeding are,
      fraud and iniquity:
      He to be wise, and to do good,
      hath left off utterly.

      4 He mischief, lying on his bed,
      most cunningly doth plot:
      He sets himself in ways not good,
      ill he abhorreth not.
      (Psalm 36)

      Many of us scorned by the man, but still holding to the cause, are
      associated with:

      > -truecoveanter.com

      Essentially the same bunch of people, mostly from Pennsylvania. We
      are in many things, including the six terms of communion, in agreement

      > -reformedpresbytery.org

      though there are some issues that have not as of yet been worked out,
      things I don't like to discuss in public. I remember us trying to do
      so once, much to the amusement of mockers and jeerers everywhere!

      > > 2. What are the reasons for these "Covenanter" groups maintaining a
      > > distinct and separate existence from each other?

      A quick answer is first, that the groups in question arose separately
      one from another, in two different countries, and second, that there
      are some issues of concern that have as of yet not been worked out.

      > > 3. How do these distinct communions give support to the claims
      > of "Covenanters," when groups agreeing with each other on the binding
      > obligation of the Solemn League and Covenant (a document claimed to be
      > the most perfect vehicle of visible church unity) cannot maintain
      > visible church unity with each other on that basis?

      Who specifically made that claim, btw? Just wondering.

      Division in the Church of Jesus Christ is a terrible thing, to be
      lamented. Indeed, one might ask how the visible Church as a whole
      gives support to the claims of Scripture, when so many groups,
      agreeing with each other on the binding nature of Scriptural teaching,
      cannot maintain visible unity with each other on that basis.

      As someone once sang, "There's trouble in the kingdom, send a message
      to the King!"

      My God mend the breaches and grant unity to His Church!

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