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14273Promoting the Covenanted Reformation

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  • Edgar A. Ibarra Jr.
    Jan 4, 2006
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      Dear group,

      Just wanted to let you know that the Lord has allowed the brethren
      in the RPNA that have the gift of a second language to begin to
      translate documents pertaining to the Covenanted Reformation into
      foreign languages. Go to www.ReformedPresbytery.org There you will
      find some translations in French, Dutch, Ukraine, Italian, and Russian.
      It may not be much at this time, but we all know never to despise the
      day of small beginnings. We also have a Spainsh web site that is
      doing the same, it has more content, due to God's mercy.

      In order to bring about a Third and world-wide Covenanted Reformation
      based on Biblical Truth, we need to be able to bring to them that do
      not speak English (the majority of the world) His Truth and all
      covered with prayer.

      Let God arise &
      His enemies be scattered,

      Edgar Ibarra