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14268Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Re: Calvin's Preface to the Psalter (EP)

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  • Crazy Calvinist
    Jan 3, 2006
      Well as far as I can see,  whether other songs from Scripture or the Psalms, the qualification for being able to write songs meant for worship was one had to be a prophet. or prophetess. I don't think Charles Wesley qualifies.

      "Edgar A. Ibarra Jr." <puritanpresbyterian@...> wrote:
      >Alas, the dilema for supporters of singing man-made hymns.  They
      would not argue so anyways.  If God allowed man to write their own
      songs to offer up as a sacrifice of praise in the public worship of
      God we would have some form of indication of that in the NT, but we
      do not.  Do not mis-understand me, I believe there are many
      beautiful and wonderful hymns, my favorite was "Christ shall have
      dominion" which is a parapharse of a Psalm.  Now for those who would
      argue that we can sing the song of Mary, for example, then that line
      of argumentation is still not an argument in favor of man-made
      hymns, but of inspired hymnody and you are still limited as to the
      number of hymns outside of the Psalms.  Many in Geneva did sing
      other songs besides the Psalms, but they were INSPIRED hymns.  The
      counter to singing such hymns is this, were those hymns intended for
      public worship or just an expression of the people overtaken by the
      Holy Spirit and the work of God that was upon them?  The Psalms were
      meant for worship, but the "inspired hymns" were not.  As for the
      hymns before the Psalter, that was allowed as God was still
      revealing Himself (i.e. progressive revelation was occuring) to man
      and until He settled things, there was some liberty in certain
      areas.  HOWEVER, when the Psalter was completed, that was it, no
      more were to be added, like the closing of the canon of Scripture. 
      We see the Song of Moses for example incorporated into the Psalter.


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