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14262Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Calvin's Preface to the Psalter (EP)

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  • Nikolai
    Jan 2, 2006
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      Whit Roberts wrote:
      > I am open to an
      > explanation since if EP is affirmed by Calvin and commanded by
      > Scripture, then I am willing to go back to EP.

      attempting to argue for EP position by showing that it is commanded by
      Scripture will always end in a failure. There's simply no such command
      in Scripture. This, however, does not mean we are left in the dark as to
      what do we sing in worship. For example, one can easily show that psalms
      were used in worship and therefore we use them in worship too. The
      burden is then entirely on those wishing to sing something else to show
      on what basis, scripturally speaking, are we to accept their innovation.
      If they wish to add un-inspired hymns to worship singing, let them
      provide a scriptural warrant for it, else all such innovations are
      nothing but will-worship, a worship driven by imaginations of men rather
      than God's will.

      EPC of Australia, Brisbane
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