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14260Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Re: Calvin's Preface to the Psalter (EP)

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  • Don Nelson
    Jan 2, 2006
      > > Do the Scriptures allow for man-made hymns?

      I am perplexed. It seems to me that if such hymns were
      included in the Scriptures, then that would make them
      inspired. There are many songs in the Scriptures other
      than in the Book of Psalms, and singing is encouraged
      in places where specific content is not recorded.

      Consider an analogous situation: man-man speaking.
      Hours of sermons are included in our public worship. I
      do not understand how a comparatively few minutes of
      singing is such a problem. Logically then, the
      forbidden thing is the singing voice. Would it be OK
      to recite a hymn as long as we do not sing it?

      Don N

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