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14225The "Food Sacrificed to Idols" Justification of Christmass?

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  • Whit
    Dec 13, 2005
      I posted in another forum that Halloween, Christmass, Easter, and the
      other "holy days" have no Scriptural warrant/foundation. Hence, if and
      when I marry and have children, our household will not celebrate
      them. (BTW, my mother sharply disagrees with me about holidays.)

      In response, a person used the following article from CARM.


      The article attempts to justify Christmass using the eating food
      sacrificed to idols passage and to claim that Christians Christmass-
      keepers are "making the day holy". Did any Reformed Christian write
      something to counter the same attempted justification? In response, I
      asked the person several questions and then used the portion of
      Schwertley's article about God not merely wanting us to avoid idolatry
      but destroying idolatry and then another portion about different
      people esteemding the day differently.