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14173Re: Spurgeon on Christmass?

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  • gmw
    Dec 9, 2005
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      Spurgeon spoke a good game when it comes to Christ-mass, but
      apparently did not mind doing all kinds of things that look very much
      like Christ-mass on December 25th. This seems to be quite
      inconsistent. To put this is as good a light as is possible,
      however, we should note that Spurgeon spoke pointedly against Christ-
      mass keeping, but, seeing that everyone is prepared to hear the story
      of the nativity in December, he preached on it. Seeing that many are
      ready to exchange gifts and give to charity, he did the same.

      I would that he had not done these things, so that we can see only
      his warnings against Christ-mass keeping, and not his flirting with

      See also Calvin, who preached a sermon on December 25th on Micah (not
      altering his regular preaching), in which he blasted those who came
      to church because "it is Christmas," calling them poor beasts,
      telling them they think they serve God when they are actually serving
      Satan, yet he tells them if they show up for the regular Lord's Day
      service, they'll hear the nativity story read from Scripture:


      Surely, Calvin (and possibly Spurgeon), would rather that the
      superstition of Dec. 25th be utterly gone forever... but, since it is
      not, they seem to be "throwing them a bone" so to speak. That's how
      I see it anyway.


      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, "Whit"
      <covie_pres.1646@v...> wrote:
      > I am well aware of what Spurgeon said on 24/Dec/1871. However, I
      > found this link where one, in answer to the 24/Dec/1871 quote,
      > that Spurgeon was "was certainly not opposed to celebrating it, and
      > actually saw some value in it." Even with that additional
      > there, is Spurgeon still opposed to Christmas along with the other
      > Reformers?
      > http://www.founders.org/blog/2005/12/spurgeon-on-christmas.html
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