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14055Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Re: Steelites

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  • Larry Bump
    Nov 6, 2005
      My first ancestor on this continent (Fortune, 1621) was Edouad Boumpasse,
      French Huguenot refugee from France, through Leyden then London.

      Maybe I could pull this off?

      Wait a minute, does this mean I should be bound to any French covenants as
      well as Scot? This could get confusing.


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      From: <trygvesson@...>

      > It would be like the guy with a smidgen of French blood who runs the
      > convenience store down the road from me declaring himself and a handful
      > others to be the true Huguenots simply because they stumble upon the
      > Huguenots constitution and happen to agree with it, and they then proceed
      > declare any remaining Huguenots in France to be mere pretenders. No, what
      > such a thing would make them, is a handful of Americans who happen to
      agree with
      > Huguenot principles. Such would not at all make them the REAL Huguenot
      > church!

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