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14053Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Re: Steelites

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  • Larry Bump
    Nov 6, 2005
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      From: "Edgar A. Ibarra Jr." <puritanpresbyterian@...>

      <snip, good stuff>

      > Here is where we get to the heart of your question. The RPCNA
      > held to the Covenanters' testimony until they changed their
      > constitution in the mid-1800's and no longer held that the Solemn
      > League & Covenant was binding upon the United States of America,
      > although I am not sure if they still believe it is on the United
      > Kingdom. They also adopted other items that were contrary to the
      > Standards of Westminster and further broke their Covenanted oath.

      Edgar, as usual, casts this particular part of the history according to his
      bias, and without the charity the other brothers (us) deserve. He (and the
      other Steelites) insist upon saying that we willfully defected, when the
      truth of the matter is that we, as a denomination, became convinced of
      certain errors within the WCF and sought to, as we should, continue the
      Reformation by becoming more and more consistent to the Biblical standards
      for the Church.

      There were mistakes made; some of which have been repaired, some of which
      are being repaired, and some that are beginning to be known. But to freeze
      the Church to a particular age, calling it perfect, is wrong in the face of
      a clear conviction that the secondary standards are wrong in a particular

      Also, there is no way that the Covenants can, as they stand, be applied to
      the US states. They were not properly part of the covenanted lands, though
      some early Covenanters misunderstood the legal position of the colonies and
      sought to lay the Covenants upon them without altering them to fit the
      changed context. The Colonies were not part of England, but of the British
      Empire. Should the USA be under covenanats *very similar to* the Scottish
      Covenants? Absolutely, but we cannot see ourselves as wed because of
      someone elses' marriage vows.

      > I know that my post will generate many upset posts and make re-
      > stir debates long debated on this e-group once again. That seems to

      Not upset, just disappointed that you continue to misrepresent us as willful
      rebels rather than brothers seeking to be true to God and His Covenant(s),
      properly understood and applied..

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