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14047Christianity and Neo-Liberalism

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  • magma2551
    Nov 2, 2005
      Dear Christian Brothers:

      I am a new member and I apologize for not introducing myself first.
      However, I would like to recommend Paul Elliot's new
      book, Christianity and Neo-Liberalism. This is a book that everyone
      who loves Jesus Christ, loves the truth, and loves the Gospel must read.

      It is a riveting and horrifying story. Elliot explains in great
      detail how the enemies of the faith have been able to surreptitiously
      supplant the true Gospel with a clever fraud and, more importantly,
      how they were able to succeed in the OPC. The track Elliot outlines
      in the OPC is mirrored in many respects in the PCA as well. Further,
      the politics involved and how these enemies of Christ have positioned
      themselves in places of power and influence over the years and their
      success in neutralizing their opposition is a lesson all of us need to
      learn, but I'm afraid few of us have. The incredible gullibility and
      complacency of countless churchmen recounted in this book is
      frightening. The comparison to Machen's Christianity and Liberalism is
      more than fitting. I would argue Elliot's book is considerably better
      on a number of counts. His account of the Kinnaird affair alone is
      worth the price of the book. Yet, there is so much I haven't even
      considered, like the "hermeneutic of trust" which has supplanted the
      Reformed hermeneutic in many circles is an eye-opener. This is simply
      an amazing book.

      Below is a copy of the table of contents and the book is available at
      a great price from Trinity Foundation with ample discounts available
      for resellers (if you're not a reseller, bulk orders are handled
      differently, so give them a call. FWIW I just ordered copies for
      everyone on my Session).

      Sorry for any intrusion.

      Sean Gerety
      PCA, Calvary, Norfolk, VA

      Part One: Liberalism and Neo-Liberalism: A Little Leaven; The Marks of
      Part Two: Historical Background: Those Who Ignore the Errors of
      History; Embracing the Principles of the Auburn Affirmation.
      Part Three: The Growth of Neo-Liberalism: The Shepherd Controversy:
      Entry of Another Gospel; Richard Gaffin's New Perspective on Paul; The
      Kinnaird Case and Its Aftermath; The Hermeneutic of Trust:
      Prescription for Doctrinal Anarchy; How Did It Happen?
      Part Four: How Shall We Respond?: The Biblical Imperative.
      Appendices: The Auburn Affirmation; Kinnaird Memorandum; Proposed
      (Rejected) Overture to the 2004 OPC General Assembly; Scripture Index;