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14025New Church in eastern Missouri

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  • toratora1649
    Oct 11, 2005

      I am looking for a reformed and presbyterian church in eastern
      Missouri to worship in. Or, if such a church does not already exist, I
      would like to start a new one.

      My family and I recently moved to Montgomery City, Missouri, so that I
      could work in a new job for the state of Missouri. We want to worship
      at a church that is reformed, presbyterian, adheres to the original
      Westminster Confession of Faith, practices the regulative principle of
      worshp, and sings the inspired Psalms alone, without the use of
      musical instruments. We are willing to travel to any location between
      Jefferson City and Columbia in the west, to St. Louis in the east, in
      order to either worship at a church that fits this description, or
      start a new one that does.

      I am a minister in good standing in the Reformed Presbyterian Church
      of North America (RPCNA). I have some church planting experience, so
      starting a new work is something I would be interested in doing, if
      the Lord wills.

      If you know of anyone who could help us in the slightest degree,
      please let us know.

      Jeff Yelton