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13959Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Friendly clarifications.

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  • jparnellm@usxchange.net
    Sep 1, 2005
      Mr. Winzer, I am not RP. Indeed, I reject classical Cameronianism, because it
      contradicts the Biblical doctrine that we must submit to the powers that be. So
      to that extent I agree with you. But... (see below)

      Quoting Matthew Winzer <mwinzer@...>:

      > No, it is not OK for an "American" to not support
      > his constitution, because at that point he ceases to act truly as an
      > American.

      1. One can submit to the federal US govt as a matter of conscience without
      supporting the US Constitution.

      2. The US Constitution in notable respects contradicts scriptural doctrines,
      in its anti-Establishment and anti-religious test oaths.

      >Either the powers that be are ordained of God or they are
      > not. The apostle's point in Rom. 13 is to settle the question of lawful
      > authority so that the Christian can obey it. He has effectively said, what
      > IS, is to be submitted to, because it is of God. And on this basis,
      > classical Presbyterian political thought grounded the lawfulness of
      > magistracy in the providential order.

      I totally agree, and that is why we should pay taxes, obey traffic laws, etc.

      At the same time, we can say that the men who composed and supported the Dec of
      Independence and the US Const were in some cases deceived Christians and in
      some cases outright wicked men, and it is reflected in a number of important
      respects in both documents.

      > My only point has been to maintain the duty of individuals to the true
      > church. Meeting at home and refusing to join in the visible church's
      > witness to the world is not fulfilling one's duty to the true church.

      The FPCS allows people all over the US and Canada to join it as a communicant
      member, and the FPCS is part of the visible church.

      What the FPCS does *not* do is tell Presbyterians to join a local Strict
      church because the local Strict Baptist church happens to be the 'best' settled
      congregation in town. Rather, it makes provision for people to join throughout
      the nation.

      Whatever denomination is good enough to join as a member is good enough to merge
      with as a denomination.

      - Parnell McCarter
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