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12913Re: [Covenanted Reformation] Just Curious.

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  • Antonio Menendez
    Jun 1, 2005
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      There was once an aussie that lived in Australia that held strongly to covenanter convictions. He has now moved away from that country. He is now somewhere in the west. And still holding fast to our covenanted heritage.

      Fred blahous <fritzbau@...> wrote:
      I have three cotton/poly blended T-shirts. I found a verse in my
      reading of Deuteronomy which prohibits the mixing of fabrics.
      Obviously because of the way it symbolises mixing true religion with
      false. Should I throw these shirts out? (I normally wear all cotton

      Also, I was wondering whether I ought to move to a place that more
      closely reflects my views than Brisbane city. As a worshipper in the
      Queensland Presbyterian Church, I think I am the only person I know
      of who believes the original covenants are binding. Dr Lee believes
      our countries are obliged to write new covenants but does not
      believe that maintaining the original ones is obligatory today. Nor
      does he believe that all our British Kingdoms and Dominions
      including the American Colonies and South West Britian (Eire) are
      under the sovereignty of the British Crown as originally established
      before Charles II betrayel. Does anyone know of any fellowship in
      Queensland or other parts of Australia that conform to these
      principles? Or if not, of anyone I could get in touch with via e-
      mail here in Australia who holds to the original principles? I am
      willing to move interstate. Truth be told, I have an itch to find a
      new place to live anyway, either out of the Great South East or in
      another state.

      All the Best,

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