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12591[Covenanted Reformation] Re: Pope John Paul is dying

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  • Daniel
    Apr 3, 2005

      Thanks for your responce. I fully believe in what you are saying
      regarding the fact that often in prophesy one represents many. Like
      the word king can refer to a line of kings. And I used to say that it
      is just the papacy but what I actually believe now is similar but I
      would go even furthur and say that, yes, the individual popes are the
      Antichrist but only inasmuch as they bear that office. So it is the
      individuals and the office not one or the other.

      Those arguements you listed about why the pope is the Antichrist are
      very solid and I agree with them (although I am not as well informed
      on it as you because some of the points you mentioned were new and
      interesting so I will try to remember them). I don't have any problem
      with your arguement that the pope is the Antichrist because I agree.
      I am a historicist too.

      As for the fact that the Beast will be thrown into the lake of fire,
      that is an interesting point. But if the pope repented from being the
      pope, he would no longer be the Antichrist. This is analogous to the
      vice lists in which it would be said that idolators and fornicators
      and so forth will not enter the kingdom of heaven. Although this is
      not a prophesy like Revelation, it has the same force in that
      anything the Bible says will come true. But does this mean that if
      someone is presently an idolator, he will never repent? The office
      doesn't have a soul but my position is that it isn't just the office
      but individuals who are popes as well as the office inasmuch as they
      hold the office, which means that if they reject the office, they are
      no longer the Antichrist. This understanding, I think does justice to
      the fact that the predicted Antichrist will be eternally tormented in

      As for the forty two months, I believe in the day-year principle and
      so I believe that it isn't literal days but that each day equals a
      year as you probably do. I am not fully sure that I understand what
      you mean here so correct me if I answer in a way that indicates that
      I don't. Just because I believe that the decline of the papacy will
      be at one point in history, it would not logically follow that I
      would also believe that the period of persecution would only be three
      and a half literal years. Isn't it natural to think that the papacy
      would do this for 1260 years and then after that come to a decline.
      Although I reject the futurist dispensational approach to prophesy, I
      do not reject that there are some things which are future as all
      historicist would agree.

      Thanks again for your arguements and please tell me if I did not
      understand correctly. I am glad to see a place on the internet like
      this that is not just reformed in the modern sence but that is
      reformed like the actual puritans and reformers.

      In Christ,

      Daniel Drost
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