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12583[Covenanted Reformation] Re: Pope John Paul is dying

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  • Daniel
    Apr 2, 2005
      Don't the biblical predictions of Antichrist refer to the office of
      the Pope in such a way that John Paul the Second is the Antichrist
      inasmuch as he bears the office of pope?

      If the individual popes (as bad as they are) were the Antichrist then
      each of them would have to have individually experienced God's
      judgement predicted in Second Theselonians 2 which says that he will
      be consumed by the spirit of His mouth and destroyed by the
      brightness of His coming. This is clearly refering to one point in
      time in which the PAPACY (as opposed to ALL THE POPES as if there
      were some resurection of them at that time) will fall into
      distruction before the worldwide millenial gospel peace which is
      before Christ returns.

      It seems to me that he could reject his office. And this wouldn't
      mean that God's decree is failing since it is the papacy which is the
      Antichrist. It would be sinful on the other hand to pray for the
      Papacy (the office) to turn into a calvinistic presbytery which
      submits to scripture alone because the Anchrist which is predicted to
      fall is the Papacy and so it will never be righteous. And while we
      can pray for individual Roman Catholics to repent we cannot pray for
      the Catholic Church to repent since it is the Great Whore.

      I am not denying the fact that all of the popes are evil and in there
      popish state would end up in hell (unless they repent and die before
      they had the chance to reject the office). I am also not denying the
      fact that if the Pope did commit the blasphemy of the Holy Ghost (and
      we can't put that past him) that he shouldn't be prayed for. I don't
      know enough about this but could it be argued that the process of
      becoming a pope involves an action which would be blasphemy of the
      Holy Ghost?
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