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  • gmw
    Mar 2, 2005
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      Isn't one visible tattoo enough to cause one to stare at you? I
      mean, if you have artwork on your skin, ain't I supposed to look at
      it? Why else would you get a tat?


      --- In covenantedreformationclub@yahoogroups.com, Irene Flewelling
      <myjoyisthelord@y...> wrote:
      > Yeah, I think it's a matter of Christian liberty, but
      > also of modesty.. since anything that makes other
      > people stare at you because it's so immoderate (for
      > instance tattoos all over your arms) is immodest,
      > besides which, it doesn't look good :D I think it's
      > also probably a large issue of discretion, for
      > instance, an unmarried person should consider the fact
      > that if they ever get married their body will no
      > longer be only their own and they should pretty
      > carefully consider a permanent decision that a future
      > spouse may have to live with like it or not.. (my Dad
      > reminded me I should think about this, even in as
      > comparitively a "small" question, in my mind at least,
      > as getting my ears pierced)
      > Just some thoughts.
      > ~~Irene
      > >>>
      > How would you all look at this? Is it a case of
      > Christian
      > liberty (as long as they do it moderately and
      > modestly) or is it a
      > moral issue and therefore sinful or not?
      > >>>
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