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11894Re: Sproul VS Covenant

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  • thebishopsdoom
    Jan 1, 2005
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      "V. Moreover, as we restrict this covenant to the Elect, it is
      evident we are speaking of the internal, mystical, and spiritual
      communion of the covenant. For salvation itself, and everything
      belonging to it, or inseparably connected with it, are promised in
      this covenant, all which, none but the Elect can attain to. If, in
      other respects, we consider the external economy of the covenant, in
      the communion of the word and sacraments, in the profession of the
      true faith, in the participation of many gifts, which, though
      excellent and illustrious, are yet none of the effects of the
      sanctifying Spirit, nor any earnest of future happiness; it cannot be
      denied, that, in this respect, many are in covenant, whose names,
      notwithstanding, are not in the testament of God." (Witsius, Economy
      of the Divine Covenants, bk 3 ch. 1)

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